Why work with us?

Our gateway offers the ability to connect to multiple local payment technology providers across multiple emerging market regions, all via one simple to integrate REST API. You simply need to use our gateway’s function as a switch/connector to access all of the multiple country’s local payment options giving you instant availability to the most popular payment options per region.

Opening New Markets

With a single integration the fully featured PayFuture gateway allows our merchants to accept payments in new emerging market regions. As internet usage grows in these regions so does the opportunity for e-commerce merchants, local as well as international, to enter these new markets and find previously untapped markets for growth. With AI and deep learning the PayFuture gateway offers competitive advantages in areas such as customer journey, increasing approval rates as well as conversion recovery to decrease a merchant’s loss of revenue. Opening new markets means that we offer the most popular local payment methods that are available and ensure that our merchant’s profitability increases.

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Data Rich Reporting

For a business to expand into new emerging regions, having the correct data in real-time assists in understanding customer trends in terms of their payment habits per each country. PayFuture has created a simple to use payment platform interface ensuring detailed data rich reporting functionality with a few simple clicks. By offering powerful payments data, insight and analysis we enable instantaneous and most importantly real time views of the data which will assist merchants with their marketing plans, budgets and business growth in their chosen emerging markets.

Transaction Optimisation

PayFuture has a team of transaction monitoring experts who continuously follow our merchant’s traffic flow 24/7 -365 days a year. This team aims to make sure no transaction disruption occurs and even in peak periods transactions are optimised for minimal customer declines or drop offs. Our unique conversion recovery solution works in real-time to identify when a client may abandon a sale, allowing our automated chatbots and the merchant’s customer service/call centre the opportunity to re-engage before they abandon the site. This alone is huge since it offers the ability to convert a lost sale into a potential success. Finally, we offer a function where if the chosen payment option is declined then the system will have the option to automatically offer the customer an attempt at another local payment type.



Ecommerce Payments have never been so convenient. PayFuture’s difference is that we have built our technology around ensuring that we are reducing our ecommerce merchant’s load times and therefore reducing payment abandonment. We also offer one of the largest varieties of payment options for our ecommerce merchants

6% abandon due to a lack of payment options.4% abandon due to technical issues4% abandon due to poor payment experience

PF’s connector gateway alleviates all of these issues.

We Understand Global Mobile Payments

As mobile usage surges globally, many emerging market’s most popular payment methods are using mobile only wallets and localised mobile payment systems. These are all enabled as standard via the PayFuture connector gateway.

Global Payments

Utilisation of the Payfuture gateway facilitates a merchant’s rapid growth in new emerging markets, all with one simple API integration. Our system allows customers to move into growth countries, manage fraud and risk. Using our AI machine learning technology a customer’s journey becomes seamless as the payment page is modified depending on their country and its specific local payment options. This ensures that our merchants receive the highest customer conversions no matter which country their clients are paying from.

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