A Truly Global Payment Connector

As a global payment connector offering localised payment methods in each emerging market country, PayFuture’s technology enables merchants to switch on a new country’s local payment methods with one singleyet fully featured simple integration. Integrate one time to us and you have access to all of the emerging market countries that are growing rapidly and simply switch each country on when you are ready.

Maximises Customer Retention

We understand the challenges in moving into new territories as customer flow, payment types, user behaviour and fraud detection is different from country to country. With our AI deep/machine learning coupled with our 24/7 transaction monitoring PayFuture can assist processor/gateway and merchants in having an instant access and understanding of customer flow from various countries without having to re-integrate per each new country wishing to be supported. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of approval rates which allows each merchant to improve customer retention and grow their business in the new countries they wish to enter.

Opening New Territories

As the traditionally non banked are now becoming banked the ‘fintech revolution’ is allowing new territories to open. In Asia, Africa, SE Asia and Latin America, the percentage of unbanked people exceeds 60%. However, people in this segment of the population do own a mobile device. This means for any e-commerce company now is an opportune time to move into a new territory as these markets become larger. Having PayFuture as a payment gateway connector in these regions will assist any e-commerce business in grabbing a much neededstakehold in these lucrative markets.