AI is in the DNA of PayFuture

Artificial Intelligence is an overused term in technology but the payments landscape is an area where machine/deep learning can provide tangible benefits. PayFuture’s Machine Learning is focused on improving our already advanced analytics and thereby improve our entire payment technology ecosystem. AI is in the DNA of our system and is an invaluable tool for mitigating chargebacks/fraud, improving customer service, streamlining the onboarding of clients and in managing live transaction flow to achieve greater approvals.

AI for Risk Management

We offer AI within our Fraud module but also utilise this leading technology to optimise our client’s experience of our system and increase the merchant’s approval rates.

AI Driven Chatbots

We have an AI driven chatbot system to assist businesses convert browsing clients into paying profitable clients and to prevent client abandonment.

AI Driven Payments Analysis

Our AI system takes payments analysis of data to unprecedented levels, becoming a much more effective tool for managing merchants and their client’s business. We can analyse transactional data to find patterns, monitor hourly, daily and seasonal fluctuations. This data is invaluable for marketing and finance teams and coupled with our analytics dashboard assists our merchants to grow their businesses exponentially.