Omni Channel Connector

PayFuture is a Omni Channel connector with the functionality to connect merchants and processors to various local payment types without causing friction with the user experience and customer flow. This allows our merchants to grow a global business without having to worry about integrating to each local payment method per country.

Just One API Integration

With over 180+ alternative payment methods in emerging market countries and 150 currencies all in one API integration, merchants can simply concentrate on growing traffic and customers in different regions and see higher traffic flow and sales.

Localised Payment Connector

The traditional payment method world is a bricks and mortar building with a product to sell, limiting the amount of customers that this merchant can target in their stores. Our localised online payment connector not only allows a traditional merchant to grow their business nationally but also allows them to target other growth regions outside their country with PayFuture’s software technology.

AI Machine Learning Technology

PayFuture’s AI machine learning technology means the system will always keep improving as it understands customer behaviour in different regions. This means our local technology per region is unparalleled in terms of customer approval as the software efficacy keeps improving itself with time.