Real Time Transaction Information

PayFuture Merchant Management System is designed to show our Merchants transaction information that has been generated from the flow of transactions via the Gateway. PayFuture offers a fully featured yet simple to understand informative graphical interface displaying business critical information about approvals and declines and traffic flow per minute thereby enabling business relevant information to optimise your business

Multiple Permission Access Levels

Our system can be queried and sorted by a number of different fields such as dates, amounts, approvals, declines, pendings, client names and many other details. We offer multiple permission access levels, enabling customer services teams with limited access all the way to middle management and up to CFO, CEO level who have full permissions if required.

Detailed Transaction Details

The reporting function allows the ability to view historical transaction information, as well as more detailed transaction details. All reports are downloadable in .csv format for ease of reconciliation.

Multi-Featured Reports

PayFuture’s Merchant Management System is one of the most powerful functions that we offer enabling our Merchants to monitor real time transactions passing through the Gateway. The system provides our Merchants with multi-function reports covering key areas such as settlement, invoicing, query management, helpdesk, chargeback, refund, fraud control and detailed transaction history.