Job Description

  • We are looking for a Software Integration Support Engineer to provide enterprise-level assistance to our clients. You will diagnose and troubleshoot software, payment applications, shop systems etc. using our payment gateway APIs and documentations.
  • You will use email, call, and chat applications to give clients quick answers to a wide variety of technical questions. For more complex problems that require nuanced instruction, you will contact clients via phone and/or provide clear, written instructions and technical manuals (API), and or seek assistance from the Product and Engineering team.

General Job Description

  • Provide the best customer experience while providing technical resolutions to external clients or of team members
  • Interact with customers at all levels, with demonstrated ability to communicate with both the very basic user to the technically advanced (Network Administrators, System Administrators, CIO, etc..)
  • Log, investigate, prioritize, and resolve all technical issues raised by clients or other internal team members
  • Work with the Account Management team in the onboarding of new clients by providing the necessary credentials, API documentations, guidance, and/or training to ensure a smooth transition to live-going of merchants at the soonest time possible
  • Respond to client queries by asking targeted questions to quickly determine the cause of their concerns
  • Gain expertise in the inner workings of payment applications, payment gateway, and associated processing services
  • Work with the Product and Engineering department to keep up with the latest technical development of the applications and systems supported
  • Provide prompt and accurate feedback to clients by monitoring client communication channels
  • Participate in quality tests to find errors and confirm the application or software meets specifications
  • Identify opportunities to improve the current supported software or applications and report bugs and or unexpected behavior to the product and engineering team
  • Properly escalate unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams (e.g. product and engineering, account management, operations, etc.)
  • Document technical knowledge in the form of notes and manuals for internal reference of cross functional teams
  • Organize, maintain, and be responsible of keeping up to date technical documentation necessary for the role
  • Work on other tasks assigned

Role Specific Job Description

  • Onboarding and Integration
    • Create merchant entities, channels, MIDs, merchant back office user access
    • Allocate volumes, velocities, and other controls for the MID
    • Work hand in hand with the operations team, specifically the onboarding team during merchant gateway onboarding
    • Work with processors/acquirers to onboard the merchant in the acquiring platform ensuring seamless flow in between two systems
    • Support the merchant in the implementation of the gateway API, validate request and responses, and data flow
    • Work with the QA team to ensure the merchant integration is optimized for a pleasant customer journey
  • Merchant Support
    • Support the merchant in answering questions specific to transaction errors or workflows
    • Analyse trends, changes, or anomalies in approval rates, decline ratio, rise of pending transactions, decrease in volumes etc. and alert all parties concerned to resolve issues and restore normal processing as soon as possible
    • Create, edit, delete new merchant or internal users as requested
    • Verify gateway issues affecting processing or the use of the gateway as reported by internal teams or by merchants
    • Attend calls and meetings with merchants and merchant technical teams to assist in technical questions pertaining to integration and processing
    • Send callbacks, update transaction statuses as requested and needed
  • Internal Support
    • Work with the Product and Engineering team to report, evaluate, resolve, and review concerns raised externally and internally
    • Identify areas of improvement in internal processes or product to increase productivity and efficiency of the tech support team or other teams
  • Transaction and Processing Monitoring
    • Assist in the monitoring of overall processing statistics and report concerns that is affecting or may affect operational performance and merchant experience
    • Identify, evaluate, and work on reported issues with speed and accuracy to reduce its impact in processing and operations

Required Qualifications

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subjects
  • At least 2 years working experience as a Technical Support Engineer for software and applications
  • Experience in supporting applications built on languages such as C# and frameworks like .NET
  • Familiarity of using Confluence, Jira, CRMs, and Helpdesk
  • Basic coding knowledge and application using popular programming languages

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2 years of experience with a variety of support for software and hardware issues
  • Good project management skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skill
  • Experience supporting payment gateways and shop systems is preferred